Triple D Wildlife

Calling ALL photographers! If you are interested in capturing some great wildlife photos in natural settings, check out the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana. We had a warm greeting from Glenda and with the instructions to meet back at the main office for 6:30am. We then went to check out our living quarters for the next few days…..a beautiful log cabin on site! With 7 photographers, there was plenty of room for all.

The next morning we met with Jay Deist, owner of Triple D. Established in 1972, Triple D was the first of it’s kind to offer their trained animal models for wildlife photography and cinematography. In 1972, Triple D was owned and operated for the purpose of propagating wild animal species common to the Northwest. With safety, of the animals and guests alike, being their highest priority, Jay reviewed safety regulations with us and then introduced his head trainer, Heather, and assistant, Justine. We signed up for their 4 day program. I co-organize a special photography tour using the format of their 4-day program as a base.


Our first wildlife encounter was with a silver fox named Zoi. She was an energetic spitfire, and capturing her antics took some high speed shooting. The best part was when Heather treated her with a mouse. Zoi took the mouse and in typical fox style, went to bury her cache.

The bobcat was next. He was quite playful chasing the “toy”, a piece of animal hide attached to a long pole. Typical cat pouncing and jumping.

Our last animal of the day was a cougar named Dee Dee. It was amazing to see the love she had for Heather, rubbing her face against Heather just as a housecat would. It was quite intimidating watching Dee Dee explore our shared fenced area.

Yes, we were in the fenced area with the animals. No shooting through fencelines here.

Mystique the snow leopard was just that….mysteriously hidden against the rocky cliff of her area. She started out quite playful and Heather had to practically drag her up the hill with Mystique wrapped around her legs like a silly toddler.


The next day was bright and early, as well. This day started out with not one, but two grey wolves. Their alpha male, CK, and a black female. The female was quite shy until CK was brought back for some interaction.

What a treat we had next…..Canada lynx kittens!! Just check out the mittens on these kittens! Cuff and Faye were a delight to watch play and pounce.

The 3rd day brought clouds. We waited for about an hour or so for the light to change….we really wanted the best light possible for our photos. Eventually the clouds broke and we headed out to shoot the Siberian lynx and the tiger!

Part 2 coming in my next post………